Mayoral Candidate Close-Up: Gil Gilyard

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October 4, 2006

He may not be a household name...but this candidate says don't count him out of the race.

Gil Gilyard has lived in Augusta for 30 years, and during that time, he says he's experienced so much. Gilyard says that experience makes him a perfect choice for mayor.

Meet William Gilyard...but you can call him Gil.

After taking on nearly every task in the corporate world, he says the time is right to try politics.

"I've been into the financial arena, I've been into insurance, I'm still in real estate, so I've got a real good background," he says.

And helping to balance a big budget will be a major part of the mayor's job. Gil says that's no biggie.

"I have more than 30 years with the federal government in human resources, where, in fact, I had oversight of a budget, human resources budget, that was approximately $1 billion per year," he says.

The married father of three is also looking to do some developing, especially in the downtown area.

"We need to think about every area in the county that really needs to be improved, and we have an opportunity to improve all of those areas," he says.

And while Gilyard faces three opponents who he admits are more well known, he hopes voters will look more at his resume.

"I'm asking the voters to look at the background, look at the experience. You cannot substitute experience for name recognition."