Evans High security increased after threatening message

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October 4, 2006

A threat promising bloodshed at Evans High School has had security on high alert today.

That threat kept more than 500 of Evans' 1800 students at home.

The note found Friday on a bathroom wall says the violence is supposed to happen today.

Fortunately, nothing happened...but security still has their eyes and ears everywhere to keep the threat from becoming a reality in the future.

When the bell rings, the doors lock. And if you're in the hallways, you'd better have a good reason.

Head custodian Patrick Sprague and his staff are joining forces with the extra officers on duty to patrol the school.

"I roam the whole school," he told News 12. "I go from end to end all day long."

They're watching every hallway, every bathroom, every door.

School safety officer Lance Poss says every movement is under surveillance.

"We're doing everything humanly possible that we can to make sure the kids are safe," he said.

Keeping kids safe means keeping people who don't belong out.

It's a big school with a lot of doors surrounding the building. And making sure they're all locked is a high priority.

Custodians like Sprague, teachers, and administrators are constantly checking all the doors.

"We are vigil, we are looking, we're paying attention," principal Don Brigdon said. "We're doing everything we can to make sure it's safe."

And the patrols will continue beyond today for Sprague and his team of custodians.

"We're out and we're about, and we see a lot," Sprague said.

Between the extra deputies, the cameras, and the lockdown, someone is always watching...closer than ever.

The sheriff's office says the increased patrols and random searches will continue.

The person who made the threat could face felony charges. And as News 12 reported last week, Columbia County tightened its policy on threats like these. That means the person who wrote the threatening message could also be expelled from school.