Mayoral Candidate Close-Up: Ronnie Few

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October 3, 2006

Name recognition hasn't been a problem for Ronnie Few in this campaign, but controversy surely has.

But he tells us there's a solid and experienced leader behind that cover of controversy.

We took a trip back to the place where he says the bulk of his leadership experience began: the Richmond County Fire Department.

"I made sure they could get up in the truck as well, so even the seats let down," Few recalled.

The former fire chief now has his sights set on a different duty.

"I just always liked government, and I knew just how to put one back together," he said.

And that's what Few says he'll do as Augusta mayor: restore faith in local government. He says that starts with accountability.

"The government is out of control because someone did not look at the projections, and they're not producing it."

But while Few is no stranger to leadership, he's also no stranger to controversy, coming under fire for management of Augusta's fire service. Recently, questions about his residency have some questioning his ability to hold the city's top job.

"When people say they don't trust you to be mayor, what do you think about that, do you think that's a serious concern?" we asked.

"It's not a big concern for me, because what happens is, people, after you're elected, people see what you're putting in place. Those things will go away. They went away before."

And though every candidate has their own recipe for reform, Few believes his is the right one.

"This government is sick," he said. "Ron Few has the solution to it. If somebody has something different, they should have been talking about it by now."

Mr. Few told us his decision to run for mayor was influenced by his close relationship with the late Lee Beard and Ed McIntyre.