Deadline arrives with no information from Warren County

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October 3, 2006

The Warren County Sheriff's Department is being tight-lipped about details surrounding an investigation involving a deputy.

The incident in question happened on August 10.

That's when Warren County Deputy Dewayne Wood was transporting an inmate to the McDuffie County Jail.

Wood is accused of raping the woman.

The GBI has concluded their investigation, and News 12 has been trying to get details about the deputy and the inmate from the Warren County Sheriff's Office ever since.

Most of that information should be readily available to everybody.

Today the Warren County attorney said he'll help us get the information. But getting to this point hasn't been easy. It took four trips and several open records requests.

When a public official is under investigation, citizens like Annie Martin have a right to both sides of the story.

She's a private investigator who definitely wants to know what's going on.

But finding the facts about Deputy Dewayne Wood and the woman who accused him of sexually assaulting her on the way to jail hasn't been easy.

News 12 asked the clerk of court for the inmate's criminal background. We also asked for any statement on file from the night of August 10.

Today is the legal deadline, but getting a straight answer was difficult.

News 12 also asked Sheriff Joe Peebles for Deputy Wood's personnel file and information on his background.

Today is also his deadline.

All three requests could uncover more about the sexual assault allegation, the inmate, and the on-duty deputy.

Again, the alleged incident happened on August 10, and today is the deadline. We still have not received the information we've asked for, but there has been progress, since the city attorney has said he will assist us in getting the information.