The CSRA heads out for flu shots

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October 2, 2006

36,000 people die each year from the flu...and with flu season starting up, local health departments are starting to give the popular flu shots.

There's good news this year: local health departments are not expecting to run out.

Columbia County has ordered 3500 doses of the flu shot, and hundreds of people are already rolling up their sleeves for the multi-dose vaccination.

"If I don't get a flu shot, I usually get the flu," Ashley Fehrman told News 12.

James Smith says he'd rather the stick than to be sick.

"I want to stay healthy and keep out of the hospital," he said.

"About one second of pain is much better than having the flu for two weeks," Fehrman agreed.

Flu season begins fall and runs through spring, as late as May.

5 to 20 percent of Americans contract the flu each year.

Leah Uscanga of the Columbia County Health Department says last year, Columbia County ran out of the flu did nearly all of the health clinics in the CSRA.

Leah says that is unlikely this year.

"We're not expected to run out this year, not at all," she said. "I haven't heard anything suggesting that we will."

Columbia County will hold another clinic on Wednesday from 10 a.m. until noon at the Columbia County Government Complex Building A.

They are also giving the pneumonia vaccine, which prevents 23 strains of pneumonia.