New information may link deputy to alleged sexual assault victim

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September 29, 2006

News 12 has been following the investigation of a Warren County deputy accused of sexually assaulting an inmate.

Today, we're getting details that may link the deputy to the victim.

We've been trying to get answers for almost two months now, and officials have kept a tight lid on the investigation.

But a new tip could lead us to valuable information about the alleged attack.

The GBI now says there could be enough evidence to charge Deputy Dewayne Wood, who is accused of sexually assaulting a female inmate on the way to jail last month.

Warren County Sheriff Joe Peebles has a different story. He claims the inmate never accused the deputy of sexual assault.

But News 12 finds the county has paperwork possibly detailing the accusation, as well as the evidence which could link the deputy to the suspect.

To see it, we submitted an open records request to clerk of court Shirley Cheeley.

"I'm not sure I can release that to you yet," said Cheeley, adding the details may come next week.

We gave Sheriff Joe Peebles a similar request, asking for the details of Deputy Wood's work history.

"I'll have it to you by Monday," Sheriff Peebles said.

Both requests could help us sort through the conflicting stories about the investigation.

Here's a little background on the inmate. She's currently being held in the Metro State Prison for burglary. She also has a list of prior arrests ranging from forgery to theft.

The district attorney's office has now taken over the case, which could go to grand jury in January.