Man fires at fleeing home invaders

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September 28, 2006

Two men involved in a home invasion in Aiken County got more than what they bargained for.

It happened at a home on Westmont Drive on Tuesday night, when two masked men busted down a door...but left dodging bullets.

"I kind of froze. I thought it was a joke," David Yonn told News 12.

But it was very real when two masked men with aluminum baseball bats knocked down Yonn's door...which happened to be dead-bolted.

"I tried to stand up one time, and they said sit down or they will hit Stephanie upside the head, and they had the bat next to her head."

According to the incident report, the pair stole $500 in cash and $2400 worth of jewelry from Yonn's fiancée, who was in another room.

But Yonn wasn't letting them escape easily.

He grabbed a gun and fired from his porch, blasting out the driver side window as the men drove off.

"He had to get some glass or something," Yonn said. "I think more people need to have their guns ready so this stuff don't happen."

Yonn says he won't tolerate someone busting in and robbing him in his own home. He says if someone tries to break in again, he'll be ready...and the robber might not have such an easy time dodging his shots.

South Carolina law allows citizens to defend themselves in their own home.

Aiken County Sheirff's investigators routinely stay in touch with hospitals just in case someone shows up with an unexplained gunshot wound.