On Your Side: Sewage Line Stoppage

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September 27, 2006

One sewer line off of Laney Walker Boulevard is 80 percent stopped up, and emergency repairs are making it hard for drivers and people living near Hornsby Elementary School.

It looks like many of Augusta's sewer pipes have outlived their life expectancy.

It's a pipe that gave way...and a band-aid repair job won't work.

"We've also done point repairs on this line trying to buy time," says Augusta Utilities assistant director Russell Thies.

But time wasn't on his side.

"Some of this we begin to have failure sooner than we hoped, so we are having to get in and do emergency replacement."

It's a sewer line nearly 80 percent stopped up.

They've taken it off line and diverted the industrial waste that flows underground on Laney Walker Boulevard.

Over time, industrial waste will take its toll on a 40 year old pipe, 16 feet down. In the end, those pipes will get holes and the soil will cave in.

Elizabeth Wilson lives right down the road, in front of another construction project that--you guessed it--repaired a busted sewer line.

"This has been done on our street once before. I thought it was over, but they're digging back, so I don't know," she says.

Elizabeth's road was blocked as crews repaired the line underground. The road just opened back up.

"I hope they are gone and I hope they are finished and we won't have to deal with this no time soon."

In the meantime, with this new cave-in, they'll pump around the problem until they find a solution.

The utilities department is in the process of advertising a new project that would eventually take the industrial waste from the Laney Walker area and send it down an industrial line straight to the Messerly Wastewater Plant.