Truck overturned on Highway 389

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September 27, 2006

An 18-wheeler carrying chemicals has overturned on Highway 389 in Perry, South Carolina, east of Wagener, in Aiken County.

It happened around 8:30 this morning near the intersection of Highway 389 and Poole road, near Berlin Baptist Church. The HazMat team is on the scene, and the area near the truck has been sealed off.

No evacuations were necessary. An elderly couple lives nearby, but no one was home at the time of the accident.

The truck was carrying a chemical used to pressure-treat wood. It was on its way from Atlanta to the port at Charleston for export.

The truck driver, Vincent Dickey, is being interviewed by Aiken County deputies.

The road is completely closed; travelers are advised to take another route until the possible danger has been identified and cleaned up.

The CCA, or chromated copper arsenate, in some of the drums on the truck is a chemical wood preservative.

It has chromium, copper, and arsenic in it.

CCA is used in pressure-treated wood to protect the wood from rotting because of insects and other problems.

CCA has been used to pressure treat lumber since the 1940's.

But since December 2003, no wood treater or manufacturer has been able to treat wood with CCA.

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Aiken County Sheriff's Office News Release: Chemical Spill Forces Closing of Highway 389 Near Salley

More than a dozen local and state public safety agencies responded this morning when a tractor trailer truck, carrying a load of chemicals to the Port of Charleston, overturned and forced the closing of Highway 389 near Salley, South Carolina.

The driver, an employee of Charleston-based Bridge Terminal Trucking, is identified as Vincent Dickey, 31, of Ellenwood, Georgia.

At 8:30 a.m., the driver, who was uninjured, called the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office. The Salley Fire Department and ACSO established a unified command center near the crash. The fire service and Aiken County Hazardous Materials Spill Team identified the liquid chemicals as Cromated Copper Arsenic and a mold inhibitor, both used in the process of pressure treating lumber. The shipment of chemicals was scheduled to be exported to Honduras.

Responders, with the assistance of the South Carolina Department of Transportation, constructed a series of earthen barriers to restrict the migration of the chemicals. Cleanup is underway. The South Carolina Highway Patrol is investigating the cause of the crash.

The following agencies participated in the response: Aiken County Sheriff’s Office; Aiken County Emergency Management; Aiken County Emergency Medical Services; Aiken County Hazardous Materials Spill Team; Salley Fire Department; Wagener Fire Department; Hollow Creek Fire Department; Salley Police Department; Wagener Police Department; South Carolina Highway Patrol; South Carolina Transport Police; South Carolina Department of Transportation and South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control.