Residents of troubled neighborhood aim high

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September 26, 2006

Barton Village has seen its share of trouble, from shootings to gang related activity.

It's given the whole community there a black eye.

But some residents say there is another side of Barton Village that people don't know about.

Derrick Sinquefield lives in Barton Village.

"You actually have some good people out here, and you have some that's not good," he told News 12.

And the "not so good" bring not so good activity to the the shooting on Sunday.

Investigators think it was gang related.

"I guess it's built up a bad reputation, and a lot of people afraid," Derrick said.

People at the Safe Haven House in Barton Village are working to help, through a program called Weed and Seed.

Louvenia Mathews teaches GED at the Safe Haven House to people like Derrick who want a positive change. "I know how we hear a lot of negativity, but there's a lot of positive going on in the community," she told News 12.

"I wanted to better my life and get a better education," Derrick said.

Despite the negative image, there are some who refuse to let the neighborhood's reputation dictate who they are.

Weed and Seed receives money from the city of Augusta for things like the GED program. That funding could be cut if it doesn't survive budget cuts by the city.

Potential cuts have not been finalized.