Four men vie for Superior Court judgeship

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September 25, 2006

It's a powerful seat in any county.

There's a vacant seat on Augusta's Superior Court judge's bench, and four people want the spot.

Four local attorneys want to become the next superior court judge, taking on domestic relations cases.

The four candidates spoke to Kiwanis Club members at a luncheon.

"We think it's a way to know these gentlemen, hear about what these plans are, to get to know a little about them," said Kiwanis Club member Lowell Dorn.

Bill Williams, Willie Saunders, David Roper, and Les Wilkinson each tell voters they should be the one to take over for retiring Judge Fleming.

Attorney Bill Williams says he has the experience.

"I have, in the 35 years that I have practiced law, have handled just about any case you can handle in Superior Court," he told News 12.

Attorney Willie Saunders went into private practice after he worked in the district attorney's office for eight years.

"In 2003 I left for private practice, where I have done domestic and family law matters and civil litigation," he said.

David Roper has been practicing for 33 years. He says he will promote unity of the family. As an attorney, he says he has been "dedicated to helping people overcome barriers to employment".

Les Wilkinson has practiced law since 1974.

"I think any Richmond County Circuit expects the judge to be truly independent and impartial," he said.

On November 7, one of these men will take the gavel and become Richmond County's newest Superior Court judge.

The winner will replace Judge Fleming, who is retiring.