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Warren County won't release public information

In Warren County, a deputy is accused of raping an inmate.

The incident happened August 10, when Deputy Dewayne Wood was driving a female inmate to the McDuffie County Jail.

She claims he pulled off the road and raped her.

News 12 filed the legal paperwork for public information about Deputy Wood's background.

After weeks of silence, News 12 asked Sheriff Joe Peebles if Deputy Wood has ever been in trouble, but the sheriff wasn't around to give us what we asked for.

"If it's public, the tax payers are paying 'em, so why shouldn't we be informed?" asks Warren County resident Lester Woods.

Residents in Warren County have planned a protest today about the incident. It's scheduled for 10 a.m. at the sheriff's office.

News 12 will be there to bring you the story.

Drugs in Augusta

Cocaine, marijuana, meth, and even heroin.

You name it, narcotics investigators are finding it on Augusta's streets.

According to Richmond County reports, narcotics investigators have taken on more than 4500 cases since 2003.

The most common drugs found on Augusta's streets are still marijuana and cocaine, but the drug business does not end there.

Other, more expensive drugs, like heroin, continue to be imported here, then sold in places like our parking lots and motels.

"There is no other way to put it," says Sgt. Allen Rollins. "They are straight up drug dealers, and a lot of them aren't necessarily just dealing any drug. A true drug dealer is going to deal in any drugs that'll show a profit for them."

Here's a breakdown of the number of drug-related arrests in Richmond County over the last four years. They range from 1400 to 1600 per year.

Drug Arrests in Richmond County

Sgt. Rollins says Atlanta continues to be a major hub, or source city, for drugs to be bought, then sold back into Augusta.

Texas, California and the city of Savannah are some others.

Two women killed in Bartow domestic dispute

Officers found two women dead after a domestic dispute in Bartow Friday.

Johnny Hicks was arrested and charged with double murder.

Jefferson County deputies say a call came in around 8:30 Friday morning from a home on Noah Heggs Road. The caller said her husband was threatening to shoot her mother.

When deputies arrived, Lashonda Hicks and her mother, Carole Ann Thomas, had both been shot to death.

Johnny Hicks was found later off Highway 319 after he attempted to run from police. An officer stopped him after forcing Hick's car into a ditch.

Charges could be in store for Few

Residency may still be a problem for Ronnie Few in Columbia County, and it could cost him.

Few was cleared last Thursday in a residency challenge in Richmond County. The decision allows him to remain on November's ballot for mayor.

But his challenger, Woody Merry, says he plans to appeal the board's decision to let Few stay in the race, and the other challenger, Melanie Roy, also wants to take part.

Meanwhile, Columbia County is looking into possible charges after Few signed a homestead exemption swearing he lived there.

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