Mom, son accused in murder face judge

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First at Five, March 30, 2009

COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga.---The mother and son accused of a murder in Grovetown faced a judge today in their first appearance, by video.

Rebecca Sears, 41, and her son Christopher Bowers, 19, are charged with murder and conspiracy to murder in the death of Kay Parsons last week.

Parsons was beaten to death in her home, which was right next to the home of Mrs. Sears in Orchard Hill.

Deputies originally believed Parsons was a victim of burglary, along with her neighbor and co-worker, Sears. But after serving search warrants deputies arrested Sears and Bowers.

Another crime, at Sears' job, may also have the two at the center of it. The day after the first crime, Sears said she had been shot outside Healing Hands, the physical therapy center where she worked, but deputies saw some red flags.

Sgt. Blaise Dresser, with the Richmond County Sheriff's Office, says Sears and Bowers staged the shooting. He says deputies found oddities they don't normally see in cases like that, such as the placement of pieces of evidence, and the appearance of injury.

He believes Bowers shot his mother, while she was on the phone with a co-worker.

"It was completely to throw off authorities and get the focus of the investigation off them," said Sgt. Dresser.

But that didn't happen, as Columbia County deputies now believe they have the two right people locked up.

"We are one step closer to our ultimate goal and that is a complete and successful prosecution," said Capt. Steve Morris, with the Columbia County Sheriff's Office.

Columbia County deputies will not say if Rebecca Sears initial claim of burglary at her home was staged or not.

Richmond County deputies say they'll turn the case over to the District Attorney's office to decide if charges will be filed in the shooting. Deputies say Christopher Bowers could even add an aggravated assault charge in the shooting of his mother.

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