New bionic limbs controlled by thought

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September 22, 2006

All it takes is your mind.

The latest in bionic technology allows people to move on with life easier, by using their brains.

It's happening right here in our area.

Newly designed prosthetic equipment is giving the people that use it power they never had before.

E.D. Herman is the founder of New Step Prosthetics in Augusta. He calls the new technology of a brain controlled arm amazing.

"The new process now identifies and segregates and replants nerves into a position where they can be better used for prosthetic care," he told News 12.

While these energy-storing and shock-absorbing feet are already in motion, the thought-operated arm is still in research.

Herman hopes it will be available in 2008.

26-year-old Claudia Mitchell already has one. She lost her arm in a motorcycle accident about two years ago.

"Last night I cut my first steak since my amputation," she said. "That was a very big deal to me."

And there's hope that people here will feel the same way soon.

"We actually make something with our own hands and a person takes it and puts it to good use, functional use," Herman said.

Claudia learned about the bionic arm after reading an article about a man who lost both of his arms in an electrical accident.

He was the first to receive it.