Only on 12: Tommy Moore defends NAACP decision

September 21, 2006

The head of the South Carolina NAACP says Tommy Moore's campaign has shown disrespect for the group.

Moore, the Democrat in the race for governor, turned down an offer to debate Mark Sanford here in Augusta next month.

Only on 12, Tommy Moore defended that decision.

"This is just an 'agree to disagree'," he said. "It's a respectful disagreement. My wife and I have differences of opinion on some issues. But that doesn't that she or I disrespect each other because we don't agree."

He went on, "But I don't believe a governor, a sitting governor, nor a candidate for governor should participate in an economic boycott of their state."

The South Carolina NAACP is meeting in Augusta in October as part of an economic boycott. They say they will do so as long as the Confederate flag flies on statehouse grounds.

Senator Moore says he'll debate Sanford anytime, as long as it's within the state's borders.