Two women attacked in two days are neighbors and worked for same company

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News 12 First at Five, March 27, 2009

AUGUSTA, Ga.---Kay Parsons and Rebecca Bowers Sears both worked at the same company, Healing Hands Physical Therapy Center. Sears in Augusta and Parsons in Thomson.

Kay Parsons died Thursday after being attacked in her Grovetown home. She happened to walk in while it was being burglarized Wednesday morning.

Wednesday night, her next door neighbor 41-year old Rebecca Sears was locking up after doing payroll. As she was leaving, she was shot and then threatened.

The Thursday night shooting happened here at the healing hands physical therapy center. Investigators say Rebecca Sears was locking up when someone shot at her, grazing her leg.

"She fell at which point the subject stood over her and said, 'If you don't give me my money the next time I'm gonna shoot you in the face,' and then ran off," says Richmond County Sheriff's Se argent Calvin Chew.

Sears was also the victim of a crime the day before. Her house was burglarized along with 41-year old Kay Parsons. Parsons was beaten in her home after she apparently walked in on the burglary.

Investigators found a baseball bat and claw hammer next to her. She died at the hospital from her injuries.

Two neighbors were questioned and released on Wednesday. Those two neighbors are Sears' two sons.

According to the incident report from the shooting Thursday night, Rebecca Sears was not able to give many details about her attacker, saying only it was a man anywhere from 25 to 55.

"Usually if somebody's telling you something specific then you normally will have some inkling as to who it is, but in this instance however the victim is telling us she has no idea who this person could be," says Sgt. Chew.

Columbia County Investigators aren't sure whether or not the shooting last night and the burglaries, and homicide, are connected in any way.

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