News 12 This Morning Local Update - September 21, 2006

Superintendent search could be lengthy

It could be a while before the Richmond County school system has a new superintendent. Board members think the replacement to take anywhere from six to nine months.

Board of Education members are deciding on whether they will hire someone with a specialist degree or a doctorate degree.

They're also look at whether they'll conduct a search through the local board or an outside nationwide agency.

Some board members would rather leave the process up to the Georgia School Boards Association, which helps conduct superintendent searches.

"You've got to advertise, and then you get 200 applicants," said school board president Marion Barnes. "You got to screen all of them, and then you have to decide who you are going to interview."

The Board of Education will hold a workshop on October 4 at 5 p.m. They'll continue talking about guidelines and whether to do the search in-house or use an agency.

Aiken County smoking ban on hold

An Aiken County smoking ban is on hold after the council ran into legal issues.

A law that's been on the books for more than a decade gives individual businesses the power to let people light up and gives South Carolina state law priority over county ordinance.

Aiken County is waiting until a lawsuit in another part of the state is decided.

Lobbyist Tom Sponseller argues laws should happen statewide or not at all.

"We love uniformity," he said. "If something's going to happen, we want it to happen across the board so we're not competing because of a new law or regulation."

Historically, South Carolina has ruled in favor of the current law.

The state House of Representatives was only three votes away from passing a statewide ban this year, and the issue will come up again during the next legislative session.

Board of Elections to determine Few's eligibility

Voters will find out today if there will be four or three candidates to choose from for the Augusta mayoral race.

The Richmond County Board of Elections will determine if Ronnie Few is eligible to run in the general election this November. His name will still appear on the ballot, but if he is found ineligible, any votes for him will not count.

Augusta Municipal Golf Course may go to private management

The future of Augusta's Municipal Golf Course is up in the air.

Money woes have commissioners looking for new and private management to run the city-owned course.

A recent audit shows the course, known as the Patch, is losing more than $100,000 a year.

Some commissioners say the decline is due to poor management and people being allowed to play for free.

Beech Island man followed home, robbed

A Beech Island man was targeted at a gas station, then robbed at his home.

Two men are on the run after robbing 79-year-old Oneil Butler Saturday.

The men spotted $500 dollars in Butler's wallet at Greg's Gas Plus off Highway 1, then followed him to his Beech Island home and stole his money and glasses.

Investigators are still looking for the men. They were driving a beige or brown Toyota sedan with a sunroof.

I-20 lane closure

You may have noticed a major slowdown along I-20.

Today the Georgia Department of Transportation will continue their one-lane shutdown.

The right eastbound lane between Bobby Jones to near Washington Road will remain closed until Friday at 7 a.m.

The closure is allowing workers to connect the Davis Road entrance ramp.

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