Third Richmond County school preps for TB testing

News 12 at 11 / Tuesday, October 8, 2013

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- Parents need to get their questions answered. We want them to learn as much as they can about tuberculosis," Dr. Carol Rountree said, Assistant Superintendent for Student Services.

Dozens gathered at AR Johnson High School for a parent meeting tonight. Even though tuberculosis is a scary word, this was about easing parents' fears.

"I think the meeting was extremely informative, you know, not just about the potential exposure, but about information about TB and what parents should look for," parent Elizabeth Frails said.

Tonight's meeting is one of the first steps in following the health department's protocol when a case of TB is suspected.

"The protocol requires that we first share the info with the principal and administration at the school, and then staff, and then we move on to the parents," Rountree said.

Everyone who attended got a letter from the principal emphasizing the safety of their children. They also handed out informational fliers on the TB skin test.

Parent Elizabeth Frails was in the meeting and says all her questions were answered.

"They were very quick to get it out and get the information out without alarming the parents," Frails said. "They did a good job of covering that and easing the parents who had questions."

Parents also learned testing for some at the school will happen later this week.

"Then the testing takes place. Testing has been scheduled for Friday, and they will read it on Monday," Rountree said.

Testing at AR Johnson comes just weeks after TB testing at Glenn Hills High and months after testing at Butler High School, making this the third school in Richmond County to battle the bug.

"It's not an epidemic or an outbreak. We have been very fortunate in Richmond County that we have not had as many cases as some other neighboring or some other counties in the state. We're just aware of more cases now," Rountree said.

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