Judge issues final Schrenko sentencing

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September 20, 2006

Judge Clarence Cooper issued the very last Schrenko case sentencing today in Atlanta.

Johnny Turner, Stephan Botes' accountant, was sentenced to 3 years probation. He admitted to the felony charge of structuring financial transactions. He admitted to structuring the $590 checks that went to dozens of people in Augusta so that those endorsing the checks could avoid detection by the IRS.

Click here to see the list of names prosecutors introduced into evidence at trial.

Jurors convicted Stephan Botes on dozens of charges in a scheme to funnel federal education money to Linda Schrenko's failed 2002 gubernatorial campaign. Schrenko admitted to conspiracy and money laundering charges, and is now serving an 8 year prison sentence. Her former co-defendant and deputy superintendent, Merle Temple, admitted to 3 felony charges and will serve an 8 year, 1 month sentence in federal prison, to begin within the next month and a half.