Augusta National files zoning request

September 19, 2006

The Augusta National has submitted a zoning request to the city of Augusta. In a fact sheet released today, the golf club stated, "we are not asking that any properties be rezoned. What we are asking is to park cars on these properties during the Masters Tournament. Actually, there are two matters that are being addressed. First, Augusta National is asking for a parking variance to allow cars to be parked more than 100 feet from the Club. Second, Augusta National is asking for a special exemption for Masters parking to park cars on property zoned R-1."

The project, with completion planned for 2010, would open 5000 additional parking spaces for the Masters Tournament.

"The property will be pastoral/greenspace in appearance and have irrigation, soft lighting and attractive landscape. There will be little or no hardscape in these areas. Basically it will be grass that will be landscaped and maintained," the statement reads. "On areas that are adjacent to homes, a buffer of trees will remain, or may be added, and appropriate low level landscaping will be installed. The property will be secured and have possible fencing in certain areas."

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