No plan to appoint new District 4 commissioner

September 18, 2006

Who will fill the District 4 seat?

Three weeks ago, Keith Brown stepped down from the post after the Board of Elections disqualified him from running in November, saying he didn't meet residency requirements.

Commissioners have met several times since then, and they'll meet tomorrow, but the clerk's office says a vote to fill the seat is not on the agenda.

"It's a very bad thing," says District 4 resident Ernestine James. "We have no one to go to, no one to discuss any of the problems, nowhere to go for information about small business or anything."

"They can take all the time and try to find someone that's going to work for us other than just sit there," District 4 resident Bill Reynolds says.

The governor could end up appointing someone if commissioners have not filled the vacancy by October 11.

A special election to fill the seat for the full term will take place in November.