Copenhaver residency challenge withdrawn

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September 18, 2006

Diane Moss sent a handwritten letter to the Board of Elections today, formally withdrawing her challenge against the mayor.

Moss had originally filed another handwritten letter last week claiming Mayor Copenhaver lived in Aiken County in 2005. The mayor responded saying the challenge was completely false. He showed News 12 his home, driver's license, and voter registration card. Mayor Copenhaver also said he would seek to have the challenger pay all legal fees incurred while fighting the challenge, estimated at $5000.

After today's withdrawal announcement, News 12 caught up with Mayor Copenhaver.

"Glad to see she's withdrawn the challenge," he said. "I've not had an opportunity to review it yet, but I look forward to doing that. But really it is the right thing to do and I applaud her for taking away the challenge."

Two residency challenges filed against mayoral candidate Ronnie Few will still be heard. A formal hearing with the Board of Elections, Mr. Few, and the two challengers is scheduled for this Thursday at 1:30.

Here is the full text of Moss' withdrawal letter:


Ms. Lynn Bailey:

As of this time I'm withdrawing my challenge, because I have been intimidated and threaten by our Mystery Mayor and harrassed by the mediator and people calling and coming by my house, because my house was put on the T.V. I have small children and my family has been put at risk.

Ms. Diane Moss

Click here to see a copy of the withdrawal letter.