Red Carpet Inn shooting may be drug related

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September 12, 2006

Richmond County investigators are looking for the gunmen involved in a murder early this morning.

Two men were shot around one o'clock at the Red Carpet Inn on Gordon Highway.

22-year-old Terrence Moore was pronounced dead at MCG.

Questions remain surrounding the second victim, as investigators remain tight-lipped.

We still don't know the name of the second victim. He's being questioned by the sheriff's office to see what role, if any, he might have played in the murder.

Investigators say the shooting appears to have been drug related.

It's not the first time hotels have seen that problem.

"Some places encourage that activity," Inv. Scott Peebles told News 12. "Not saying this one did, but that's where they make the bulk of their money."

Hotel managers denied any knowledge at all, saying they have no record of the murder victim ever checking in, and couldn't have possibly known of the baggage he carried inside.

But investigators paint a slightly different picture.

"It's pretty clear what criminal element is at a hotel like that, and it sticks out pretty easily," Inv. Peebles said. "Most of the hotel managers know what's going on better than anyone does."

This isn't the only hotel with dirty laundry.

Back in April, almost two grams of crack cocaine was found in a room at the Rodeway Inn, and there was a meth lab bust in 2003 at the Days Inn off Augusta West Parkway.

It's a trend investigator say won't be ending anytime soon.

"The price of drugs is down, which means there's a great supply of drugs to be supplied," Narcotics officer Lt. Robert Partain told News 12.

So what's being done to curb the problem?

"We patrol when they ask," said Inv. Peebles. "We know the problem areas. The issue is between patrol time and response of deputies when you're short like we are."

We haven't been given many more details about last night's shooting because they're still in the process of investigating the case.

However, we are told that deputies have found a truck that may be related to the shooting.

If you have any other information, you are asked to call the Richmond County Sheriff's Office.