Augusta woman's brother gave life saving others on 9/11

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September 11, 2006

In Augusta, local leaders and firefighters remembered that tragic day five years ago.

One local woman who lost her brother in the terrorist attacks says it doesn't get any easier.

It's been five years and the symbolic ring of the silver firefighters' bell still resonates pain.

Joanne Kennelly's brother Paul Tegtmeier died in the attacks on the World Trade Center.

"I loved him," Kennelly said. "He was my hero. He'll always be my hero."

Tegtmeier was a New York firefighter who gave his life while saving others.

"He was a wonderful person. He saved lives that day, and that's what's important," Kennelly said.

Local leaders and Augusta firefighters joined the nation in this day of mourning as flags were lowered and prayers went out to heal the nation.

"It's our Pearl Harbor," said Batt. Chief Ivan Bolgla of the Richmond County Fire Department. "We'll never forget."

Although Paul Tegtmeier's body was never recovered from the rubble, the Kennelly family says he lives on through a tree planted in his memory.

"I really had no sense of closure with it because we never have been able to recover his remains," Kennelly said.

"We just don't want the people to forget...and we sure don't," said Batt. Chief Bolgla.