Woman charged with homicide in 2004 stillbirth

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September 5, 2006

A mom is behind bars charged with the death of her newborn baby.

News 12 spoke with her family, who says there's a story behind the trouble.

A woman wanted for killing her unborn child in December 2004 is behind bars tonight in Aiken.

Thirty-year-old Sheronda Fuller is charged with homicide by child abuse and unlawful conduct towards a child.

Toxicology reports show the baby was stillborn because of exposure to cocaine.

Michael, Trevarious, Hailey, Austin, and King James---Sheronda Fuller's five other children--are left without a mother...and an unborn baby is left with no chance at life.

Sheronda's family says all because of Fuller's cocaine addiction.

Hailey Fuller, a beautiful and happy five year old, is being raised by her grandmother, Mary, because family members say Hailey's mom Sheronda is addicted to cocaine.

"When Hailey was born, that's when the trouble started," Mary Fuller told News 12.

And the trouble never stopped.

Family members say little Hailey had cocaine in her system. She would be the first of four children Sheronda gave birth to that tested positive for cocaine, according to relatives.

Sheronda gave birth prematurely in 2004 to another little boy, but he didn't make it. The coroner ruled his death a homicide.

"These are my grandbabies you are talking about, and it hurts me," Mary said. "It hurts me so bad."

Fuller was arrested Monday. She was pulled over by the Aiken County Sheriff's Department for driving a stolen car. With her was her newest baby, King James, born just a few months ago. He was turned over to DSS Monday night.

"I feel so bad that I can't take the last grandbaby, but I just have so much on me," Mary said. "It's hard...it's so hard."

Mary is raising two of her daughter's children: 16-year-old Michael and little Hailey. 12-year-old Trevarious, or "TJ", lives up the road with his grandfather. Four-year-old Austin was adopted by a North Augusta family.

Sheronda now faces two felony charges and faces up to 20 years to life in prison. Mary doesn't know how she is going to tell Hailey.

"I don't know...I don't know," she said. "God help me, I don't know."

Fuller was denied bond earlier today. This is because one charge, homicide by child abuse, carries a life sentence.

There are laws to protect unborn children. News 12 asked Lt. David Turno how Sheronda could continue having children here even after her son died.

He said the toxicology report took almost a year to show cocaine in the baby's system. A warrant was issued for Fuller's arrest, but by that time she was nowhere to be found.