Teen stabs teen on bus home from school

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August 30, 2006

Two students fighting on a Richmond County school bus ends with one going to the hospital and the other to the Youth Detention Center.

One school board member wants to know how the weapon possibly entered Glenn Hills High School.

It was a school bus argument that turned physical at the corner of Chadbourne and West Kensington off of Deans Bridge Road.

"There was an argument between the two girls, and the argument turned physical, and at some point one of the girls was stabbing the other," says Maj. Ken Autry of the Richmond County Sheriff's Office.

Officials say 16-year-old Jessica Johnson stabbed a 15 year old nearly seven times, requiring the victim to get 4 stitches.

"The one with the knife has already been charged though Juvenile Court with aggravated assault and possession of a weapon on school property," Maj. Autry says.

Richmond County School Board member Barbara Padgett finds the incident disturbing, and is puzzled by how a weapon possibly made it through school and onto the school bus.

"It is very disturbing that the young girl evidently was in school all day with the knife and no one found it," Padgett says.

The school system has about 10 bus monitors...but which buses do you place them on?

"You think there is a problem on bus 95 and you put one there, and then on bus 100 and you didn't have one there," Padgett says.

The bus driver was taken to St. Joseph for stress related to the incident.

The sheriff's office is trying to locate the weapon they say was used in the incident. They believe the knife was handed to another student who then left the scene.