Woman robbed at Burger King drive-thru

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August 29, 2006

An Augusta woman robbed in a fast food drive-thru.

Janice Dukes says a man took her purse at gunpoint while she was in line at Burger King at 1601 Gordon Highway.

It happened around 9:00 last night.

Janice, her one-year-old daughter, and her mom were waiting for their food outside the window when two men came up to the car. Janice says what happened next scared her so much she's having trouble sleeping.

Pulling through to grab a quick dinner could have turned deadly for Janice Dukes and her family. She tells us the holdup happened while they waited in line.

"This guy walked up and put the gun to my face and he said 'Give it up!'"

Janice says her window is broken, so she opened the door to place her order. That's when two teenagers came up to her car. One pushed his way in between the open door and the side of Burger King, grabbed her purse and ran away.

"All I could think about was my baby in the back seat...that's all I could think about."

Janice says with her one-year-old daughter and mother in the back seat, she wasn't worried about the money.

"Have fun with that...I got my life," she said. "It don't matter."

Sgt. Calvin Chew with the Richmond County Sheriff's Office says Janice did the right thing by handing it over.

"Material things you can get back later on...but especially in a situation like that, you don't want to try to be a hero," he said.

The sheriff's office says several violent crimes happened near the Gordon Highway Burger King in a year's time, including another armed robbery back in April.

In this case, officers say the men covered their faces...but the crime happened in a very public place, which could help them make an arrest, and put Janice at ease.

"I'm really shaken up," Janice told News 12. "I'm trying to get some sleep, and I can't really sleep 'cause I still see the gun in my face like that."

Janice says she never thought grabbing a quick dinner would put her at wrong end of a gun.

The sheriff's office says they found the black t-shirt one of the teenagers used to cover his face, which could help them tie suspects to the crime.

Officers say the male perpetrators are between 16 and 17, and they could be charged with armed robbery, commission of a crime with a firearm, and underage possession of a weapon.