Four in jail after two Augusta meth busts

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News 12 at 11o'clock, January 12, 2009

AUGUSTA, Ga. --- Four people are behind bars after two meth busts in Augusta. The first happened at 1914 Starnes Street, and just an hour later there was another bust at 923 Holden Street.

At the Starnes Street bust, authorities found a small lab inside the house and boxes filled with meth. Michael Carroll was arrested in that bust for trafficking, possession and manufacturing; and Jonathan Carroll was arrested for disorderly conduct.

At the Holden Street, a tip led deputies to a house where 42-year-old Holly Evans and 37-year-old Harry Harrell were allegedly found inside "cooking" the meth at a fireplace.

Authorities are still in the process of investigating, but say they do believe there was also some drug dealing at the home on Holden Street.

Investigators are looking into whether there is a connection between the two busts.

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