Board of Elections hears Mason's case against Brown

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August 24, 2006

Things got heated today in Augusta Commission chambers.

One commissioner who's only been serving since May is fighting for his job.

Keith Brown and Alvin Mason sat face to face in the Augusta Commission chamber along with their attorneys, prepared to prove their case before the Board of Elections.

The three and a half hour hearing began with Mason's attorney Freddy Sanders calling Keith Brown to the witness stand.

Brown was sworn in under oath right before Mason's attorney grilled him about his residency, harping on Brown's admission of voting in South Carolina in 2004.

But the big thing today was new information presented by Mason's attorney. He was able to prove and get Brown to admit that Brown didn't go get a Georgia driver's license until June of this year.

Sanders: "What made you go get it in June 2006? Was it because all of this was coming out?"

Brown: "I was not aware any of this was coming up."

Sanders: "In June of 2006, you were not aware of there might be a question of your residency?"

Brown: "No, sir."

This is something Mason's attorney stressed: why did Keith Brown wait until June 2006 to get a Georgia license if he was living in Georgia since 2003 as he claims?

Brown's attorney Jack Long fought back with evidence including power bills, IRS, and child support papers where Brown listed Georgia as his residence.

Brown's attorney also called two witnesses to the stand: Brown's landlord and wife, who testified in his defense.

From here, the Board of Elections deliberates in a closed-door session to decide if Mason has proven that Brown has not lived in Georgia for two years.

Whatever today's decision, it can be appealed to the Richmond County Superior Court.