Prosecution witnesses testify in Behzadian trial

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August 21, 2006

The trial of MCG doctor Mohammad Ali Behzadian began today.

The doctor of pharmacology is accused of causing the death of an 18-year-old Lakeside High School student in a head on accident on River Watch Parkway three years ago.

News 12's Domonique Benn was in court today.

Brandon Layton's family says he had his whole life ahead of him, and now no one will ever know what he would have done or who he could have been.

Vickie Boudreau is holding on to something that is very fragile: her faith.

"Our life and our whole future rest in twelve men and women's hands."

A jury will decide whether dr. Mohammad Ali Behzadian is guilty of causing Brandon Layton's death.

In court today, prosecutor Danny Craig questioned several witnesses about the night of February 28, 2003.

Wheeler: "We were driving and I looked up and noticed a car going in the wrong direction and they hit straight on," said witness Amanda Wheeler.

Witness Carmen Taylor testified, "My husband said he's driving on the wrong side of the road so he swung over to the right and he passed us on the left side."

An EMT who was one of the first to arrive on the scene described going to Dr. Behzadian's car: "Smell of alcohol, a sweet smell."

The defense says Dr. Behzadian drank one glass of wine that night, and that one glass would not have impaired the doctor.

Brandon's family thinks otherwise.

"I think it's going to prove him guilty," said one family member. "You can't argue with blood work or toxicology reports."

And a mother who stayed with the fight three years took the stand in hopes of final justice.

Kathy Layton testified that 5:30 p.m. on February 28 was the last time she saw Brandon, when she took him to pick up his car from a paint and body shop.

Months ago she told News 12 she stood in Brandon's hospital room and promised him that she would not stop until Behzadian was brought to trial.

The trial continues tomorrow.