Back to school at ASU

August 21, 2006

They've registered, they've bought their books, and today, students at Augusta State University are headed back to class.

Yesterday, News 12 found some students mapping out their first days.

Nursing student Samantha Warner and a couple of friends were taking a self-guided tour of campus.

Samantha says she's eager to finish up the last of her science courses in a convenient way.

"I went to USC Aiken, and it was just a long drive," she says. "Gas prices are too high now, and this is close to where I work, so it's a five minute drive versus thirty minute."

ASU will be greeting its new and returning students with a Week of Welcome, including What's the Scoop, a coaches' cookout, ASU's Next Top Model, Buffalo Bingo with Cowboy Mike, an underage drinking discussion with Ruthie from The Real World, and finally, some cosmic bowling.

Fall classes at Aiken Technical College also start today. USC Aiken begins August 21.

ASU's Week of Welcome

Mon., Aug. 21: What's the Scoop?
Tues., Aug. 22: Coaches Cookout
Wed., Aug. 23: ASU's Next Top Model
Th., Aug. 24: Bingo & Ruthie
Fri., Aug. 25: Cosmic Bowling