Carjacking suspect captured in Beech Island

August 16, 2006

Aiken County deputies have captured Demarcus Hilton in Beech Island. Hilton is wanted for carjacking a 14-year-old Monday night.

Lt. Michael Frank says Hilton was spotted on Graystone Drive. Upon being spotted he took off into the woods.

When he came out of the woods he was on Pine Log Road. Aiken County deputies there spotted him. He then turned and ran back into the woods.

Hilton was captured at 7:15 p.m.

Deputies spotted Hilton along the woodline of Storm Branch Road about 150 yards from a convenience store that sits at the intersection of Storm Branch Road and Pine Log Road.

He was taken into custody.

Hilton was wanted after a car jacking where officers say he made a 14-year-old drive him around Beech Island...

Officers say Hilton then made the 14-year-old get out of the car, picking up another passenger.

That passenger was injured when Hilton wrecked the stolen car into a utility pole after being spotted by Aiken County deputies.