Witnesses say man shot and killed by Allendale police officer

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August 14, 2006

An Allendale mother says an officer shot and killed her son. Was it a routine traffic stop, or was more going on?

Investigators are keeping the lid on this case, but News 12 is looking for answers.

Michael Moore, an Allendale father of 8, is dead after his family says an officer pulled the trigger during a routine traffic stop.

It happened in Allendale Friday night near a gas station on Highway 301.

Investigators aren't saying much, even to Moore's family.

Family members tell us they don't understand why their loved one had to die when they say he wasn't even armed to begin with.

It's been three days since Darnell Moore's son was shot and killed by an Allendale officer, and still no answers.

"No one said anything to us," Mrs. Moore says. "I feel hurt as a mother and abused."

Mrs. Moore says the officers and paramedics on the scene wouldn't let her get close to her son, who was already in the ambulance by the time she arrived.

"I tried to get to him, to hold his hand or say something, but they told me to get back," she says. "He didn't have to die alone."

His aunt, Mary Jane Bethane, was working at the Fleetwood gas station just yards from the shooting when it happened.

By the time she walked outside, her nephew was on the ground bleeding and, she says, handcuffed.

Witnesses say Moore was asked to move his car from this spot where he was allegedly illegally parked.

They say he complied and moved the car.

"So what the reason for killing my nephew?" Bethane asks. "I want to know why. There was other ways to handle that situation."

"Answers. Truth. I live by truth. Justice is what I'm looking for," Mrs. Moore says.

The Allendale Police Department would not give us any information as to why Moore was shot.

They did give us a three-line news release stating that there was shooting involving an officer, not even confirming it was Michael Moore who was shot and killed.

The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division has now taken over the investigation. It's common for SLED to handle a case in which an officer is involved.

Neither they nor any other agency is releasing any further information.