Municipal Building evacuated in bomb scare

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August 11, 2006

Deputies and search dogs dealt with a suspicious package near the Augusta Municipal Building Friday afternoon that turned out to just be an empty lunchbox.

After a maintenance worker noticed a lunchbox beside a trashcan in front of the building, the bomb squad came out and the sheriff's department blocked off nearby streets.

The entire building was evacuated. Hundreds of employees were told go to lunch for at least two hours so the situation could be resolved.

Sixth and Greene Street was as close as authorities were allowing anyone to get to the Municipal Building at Midday, and authorities had blocked off Greene Street and parts of Telfair. However, about 20 minutes later, authorities had reopened some of the streets. The building itself remained blocked off.

After an X-Ray, authorities found they were dealing with an empty lunchbox.

The situation interrupted several court cases, as well as qualifying for the District 4 Commission seat.