First ever career fair for wounded soldiers

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August 9, 2006

They are the men and women who have made huge sacrifices fighting for our country.

Now a career fair catering just to wounded soldiers is committed to helping them find jobs after returning from war.

Wounded soldiers at the Hiring Heroes job fair are trying to make the transition from deployment to employment.

National Guardsman Sgt. Bryan Kutter was shot in the arm by a sniper in the Sunni triangle.

"I see a lot of guys and girls that have just done Army or Marines or whatever it may be in their career," Sgt. Kutter says.

"It's pretty hard to adjust back into the civilian world," agrees Sgt. Justin Abernathy.

This career fair for injured military veterans is helping them work back into the civilian sector through companies like Lockheed Martin, RE/MAX, and even the CIA.

Sgt. Robert Waples received the Purple Heart after being wounded in Iraq. A National Guardsman, Sgt. Waples was a police officer before being deployed.

"There's a possibility that I may not be able to go back to be a police officer because of my injuries," he says.

There were more than 30 recruiters on hand.

This is the first career fair of its kind.

Soldiers received a whole day of prepping and resume writing beforehand.

Enrique Gonzalez with the CIA says there is a lot of talent in the military.

"We look for electric engineers, computer engineers, computer science for our technical side, we look for linguists," he says.

"People spend pretty much their college-aged years in the military instead of obtaining a four year degree or a two year degree, and the employers there understand that," says Sgt. Waples.

During the two-day career fair, wounded soldiers also participated in technical and resume writing workshops and counseling.