Davis, Colclough make one last push for runoff votes

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August 8, 2006

It's a race that's back in the hands of voters.

With the incumbent out of the picture, Hardie Davis and Richard Colclough are facing off.

"Our goal has been to get our people back out," Davis said today. "If we can get our people back out, we felt good about going into today's race."

"We didn't target Warren's people, we didn't target DeMello's people," Colclough said. "We just went out and targeted everybody."

In July, neither candidate got 50 percent of the vote...but Davis, who's pushing economic growth and education, nearly doubled the votes of his opponent.

Colclough, who wants more community-based programs, says he doesn't feel like he had to play catch up. He's hoping his experience as an Augusta commissioner will help voters decide.

"And I've been in government for the last eight years, so I'm no freshman coming into Atlanta," he said. "I know people in Atlanta because as a county commissioner, we do network with people in Atlanta."

"I've got a demonstrated track record of leadership," Davis said. "I've just not been a county commissioner or elected official, which I think bodes well for me. I don't think that carries as much weight, I really don't."

Whoever wins tonight should be poised to become one of Georgia's newest lawmakers. Since there is no Republican opponent to face in November, it will be either Davis or Colclough headed to Atlanta.

"When you look at a demonstrated track record of leadership, I bring that to the table," Davis said.

"I'm looking for a victory this afternoon. I'm very prepared for it," said Colclough.

Polls close tonight at seven.