Colclough, Davis hold forum prior to runoff

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August 3, 2006

Two men, one seat. A forum was held August 3 between Richard Colclough and Hardie Davis, Jr. after last month's primary election resulted in a run-off.

For the former Richmond County commissioner and Augusta pastor, it was a war of words all in an effort to secure votes next week.

It was a face off before the runoff.

"It is a very good thing that they meet," says Dr. Lowell Greenbaum of the Richmond County Democrats. Dr. Greenbaum says candidates Richard Colclough and Hardie Davis must earn their ticket to Atlanta.

"They have to know that part of their job is to raise money, to put out mailings, to telephone people and to knock on doors."

After surviving last month's Primary Election, the two opponents vying for House District 122 will go head to head next week.

Colclough, an eight-year county commissioner, received only half as many votes as Davis, a pastor and electrical engineer.

"I'm leaning towards Hardie Davis," says Larry Carnes, an east Augusta resident. "Hardie Davis...character, integrity."

"You see it in the national politics where the younger generation is stepping up, and I think for Augusta to keep pace that's what we need to do also in Augusta," says east Augusta resident Sam Hardrict.

While Dr. Greenbaum can't predict whether Colclough can bounce back, he does point to low voter turnout.

In the past, only five to seven percent of Augustans have voted in run-off elections.

In 2004 for the US Senate race, Augusta turnout was 4.5 percent. Also in 2004, for the Georgia Court of Appeals, turnout was 5 percent.

Advanced voting ends August 4 for the Georgia Primary Runoff.

So far, 479 people have cast a ballot in Richmond County.

In Columbia County, 113 people have voted.

The Georgia Primary Runoff takes place August 8. We will have all the results that night on News 12 at 11 o'clock.