Mother of twelve shops tax-free holiday

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The tax-free holiday is in full swing today in Georgia.

Parents are buying all they can during the four-day holiday, saving on clothing items, footwear, and computers.

And if you think it helps a parent of one of two kids, imagine a mother of 12.

Donna Jenkins knows how to find bargains. She and her husband have 12 kids.

They adopted three from Korea, three from Guatemala, three from Liberia, and three from Kazakhstan.

And they do things as a family, even shopping.

Today, Donna scoured Wal-Mart for tax-free school supplies, her children's voices coming from 12 different directions.

She spent three hours sorting and picking out school supplies.

Donna says she waited for the tax-free holiday to stock up for less.

"They all get a new pair of shoes, and they all get their book bags, and everything at the beginning," she says.

Evans Wal-Mart manager Chris King says they are planning for a busy weekend for families trying to save.

"We restock pretty much throughout the day," he says. "We've got people over the restocking the basic supplies constantly."

"I am going to buy double if I am going to save tax money," one shopper said.

And every little bit counts as the Jenkins family heads to checkout.

For a family used to spending a thousand dollars a pop for groceries, today added up to a little over $660.

It's a tax break that they welcome.

Donna Jenkins and her husband have no financial help. They are talking care of these children themselves, so you can imagine how expensive it is without tax-free.

Tomorrow the tax-free holiday begins in South Carolina. It lasts through the weekend in both states.