Heat Quiz

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When summer heat pushes into the 90s, it's time to take action to protect yourself and your loved ones. But how smart are you about the heat? Take the following quiz to test your heat IQ.

1) Those at greatest risk for heat illness include:
a) Young children, the elderly, the obese and the sick
b) All ages and conditions
c) Young children and the elderly

2) It is dangerously hot when:
a) The heat index reaches at least 85 degrees.
b) The heat index reaches at least 90 degrees.
c) The heat index reaches at least 100 degrees.

3) You can help prevent heat illness and keep cool by:
a) Staying in a cool, air-conditioned place and staying hydrated
b) Wearing lightweight clothing, a hat and sunscreen
c) All of the above

4) What should you drink to cool off?
a) Water, diluted fruit juice and sports drinks
b) Any type of cool liquid is appropriate
c) Milk, soda or iced tea

5) The first sign that you are becoming dehydrated is:
a) Flushed face and excessive sweating
b) Thirst
c) Headache and dizziness

Click here for the answers.