Mason asks commissioners to disqualify Brown from office

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August 1, 2006

The residency battle in District 4 continued today as candidate Alvin Mason asked commissioners to disqualify Brown from office.

Anticipating the move, Brown brought his family to the meeting. He sat silently as Mason presented a timeline and other documents showing why he says brown is illegally holding the seat.

Mason says that the fact that brown voted in South Carolina in 2004 proves that he had not lived in Georgia for the required two years before being appointed as commissioner in Augusta.

Brown's attorney Jack Long also addressed the commission.

He says Brown is qualified because he and his children have lived, worked, and attended school in Georgia.

Mason had more information to present, but he was cut off after the allowed five minutes.

He says he wishes commissioners would have given him more time to prove his case.

"Right is right, wrong is wrong," Mason said after the meeting. "When you see any wrong, you correct wrong. If it's wrong if the back room, it's wrong in the front room. This body has an inherent responsibility to fix that which they've created."

"Mr. Mason says if you voted outside of the state, that proved you were not a resident of the state," said Long. "That's absurd."

The commission voted only to receive Mr. Mason's information; there was no vote on any action concerning Keith Brown.

Mason says he will now take this information before the Board of Elections on August 10. That's the day qualifying ends to run for the seat in November.