Harrisburg neighborhood reacts to drive-by murder

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17-year-old Bon Joshwa Albright was shot on Watkins Street on Thursday, July 27.

Two men, Thomas Brown and Mark Dewayne Graham, are behind bars, facing murder charges.

Investigators are looking for another suspect in the case.

Bon Joshwa Albright's aunt spoke candidly to News 12 about her nephew, who she says was a good kid.

Joshwa's aunt Bonnie, like many others in Harrisburg, is struggling to make sense of Joshwa's death. Neighbors say the violence has to stop.

"I heard a pow, I didn't think no body was shot until he turned around and grabbed his stomach, stumbled and fell face first," says Joshwa's friend Janice Drayton.

Friday, July 28 was a very emotional day in the Harrisburg neighborhood, with many still mourning the loss of Bon Joshwa Albright. Joshwa was murdered Thursday afternoon in a drive by shooting.

And no one is more saddened by his death than his aunt Bonnie, who he lived with for the last three years.

"He was a good kid. He didn't deserve to go out like this," she says.

Janice was standing near him when the shots rang out, and she says she held him until the ambulance came.

"This is where I held him. I held him right here. I'll never forget this spot a day in my life and I'd hold him again if I had to."

And Joshwa's aunt says she raced to be by his side.

"I seen him then and I wanted him to know that I was there and that he wasn't alone," she says. "I said 'Joshwa, Auntie's here. You ain't alone. Just hold on, just hold on.' But I guess it's just his time."

And she says the house won't be the same without him.

"I almost got up this morning to go back there and wake him up. Then I remembered this is Friday and I remembered he wasn't here no more and it's over with."

Bbonnie says no funeral arrangements have yet been made. She also says she harbors no hatred against Joshwa's killers, and only hopes that they find peace within themselves like Joshwa found before his death.