Robber enters home through doggy door

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Dog doors are for pets, not people.

But officers in North Augusta suspect that's exactly how one thief got into a house.

"You don't expect to come home and your house is locked up, but you could tell someone's been there," says Glenn Hodges.

And Hodges suspects the robber may not be a stranger. As soon as you walk up to his house, you see large barking dogs in the window. You'd never know the dogs are friendly from the outside.

Hodges told officers he was missing cash, jewelry, and electronics, totaling several thousand dollars...and every window and door was locked, except the dog door.

"That's a big dog. You got to have a big dog door for them to go through...and that's big enough for a person to fit through if they're of a smaller size," says Officer David Bunch of North Augusta Public Safety.

It may take a smaller person to fit through Hodges' dog door, but not all doggy doors are created equal.

Some doggy doors are large enough for a shorter person to walk through.

Shannon Odom at PetSmart says a safer bet is an electronic door, one that only opens when it senses the dog's collar.

"The dog would have to actually get up in front of the door for it to unlock it, so no other dogs or animals could get in," she says.

Glenn Hodges is more interested in keeping another robber from getting in.

"It's locked now," he says. "It's only open when I'm home. It's unfortunate because I like my dogs to roam."

But those roaming days are done, as investigators look to catch one creative criminal.

North Augusta Public Safety is investigating the case. The suspect faces felony charges of burglary and grand larceny.