Shooting leads to standoff; standoff ends with empty house

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The Richmond County SWAT team surrounded a home on Hicks Street this afternoon following a fatal drive-by shooting. Authorities believed there to be three teenagers in the home and that they were armed and dangerous.

For four hours, the SWAT team staked out the home, asking the teens by megaphone to contact them. Finally, shortly after an Augusta fire truck appeared on the scene, what sounded like a smoke grenade went off and authorities blew open the front door.

No one was inside the home.

The SWAT team stormed the home because they had received a tip that the three teenagers might have been armed. Upon entering the home they discovered drugs, drug evidence, and weapons.

Earlier, one male was shot and taken to MCG. He was later pronounced dead at around 4:30 p.m.

Witnesses tell us this may have started with an altercation at the Corner Store on Eve Street. Deputies say surveillance video shows at least three teenagers fighting in the store.