News 12 presents Time to Care check to the Lydia Project

It's been an Augusta tradition for years.

Back In May, News 12 took over the Augusta Common for our Time To Care Family Fair.

It's always a day of fun for the kids, but we raised some money too...more than $500.

On July 26 I had the honor of presenting a big check to our friends at the Lydia Project.

"So on behalf of our Time to Care partners, Ashley Furniture, Subway and Taylor Toyota, we'd like to present you with this big check. Hope you can put it to good use!"

"Well, we definitely will, Richard," said Laura Holder. "Thanks to News 12 and thanks to the community for supporting our work with women undergoing cancer treatment."

The Lydia Project is a ministry to women with cancer.

They design hand made purses, pack them with words of encouragement, and send them to women who need that support as they battle cancer.

The message is simple: "That there are people who care for them, and they are not alone."

In the short time since they started, the Lydia Project has grown from local to global.

"We started in a small little kitchen in 2004 and have grown nationwide and in Europe."

A personal note: My sister Sherry is a cancer survivor, and my sister Mary Anne was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year. When that happened, one of the first calls I made was to the Lydia Project, and they reached out to her across the miles, offering love and prayers and support from Augusta.

If you'd like to know more about these amazing volunteers and the power of their message, check out their website at