Only on 12: Macedonia Baptist to expand into Regency Mall

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The parking lots at Augusta's Regency Mall may soon be packed again.

Only on 12, Macedonia Baptist Church has already acquired leasing arrangements and plans to purchase the dilapidated mall.

One pastor's expansion will turn an abandoned mall into a worship center.

Macedonia Baptist church is expanding.

Pastor Dr. Gregory Fuller wants to shed new light on Augusta's abandoned Regency Mall.

"We are purchasing Montgomery Ward as another worship site for us," he exclusively told News 12.

Dr. Fuller says the original Macedonia church will continue to hold their early service, and the new site, which will be called the Macedonia Worship Center, will hold another later service.

Plants for the new center include a 3000 seat sanctuary, a coffee shop, a bookstore, and a gym.

Dr. Fuller says the location is perfect because it connects three different districts.

"So many cars pass by," he says. "North, south, east, and west all converge in that area, and that area really needs something there."

Macedonia's second location at Regency Mall will not only help the growth of the church but also the growth of the local economy.

"When the Regency Mall was up and flourishing, so was the city," Dr. Fuller says. "But when the Regency Mall went down, the city kind of fell apart as well."

A building that has been abandoned and left alone will soon be showered with praise again.

Dr. Fuller expects construction to begin in November and says he hopes to have the building ready for Easter weekend of 2007.

His overall goal is for the church to purchase the whole mall.