15-year-old shot while walking home

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A fifteen-year-old Augusta boy is recovering after being shot in the stomach.

Antwon Mahone was shot in the abdomen at the corner of 12th and Laney Walker Boulevard.

It happened just before eight o'clock Saturday night.

Mahone is being treated at University Hospital.

Antwon's mother says the bullet left two holes in his stomach and pierced other organs. It still remains lodged in his muscle wall.

She says doctors will not remove it for fear it will further harm him.

She also spoke to News 12 about just how terrifying this experience has been for Antwon and his family.

Letonya Mahone has raised her son Antwon in a downtown Augusta home. And now the streets where he grew up are where he nearly lost his life.

"He said he seen some guys in the car starting to roll the window down so they just kept walking-- he probably wasn't thinking they are fixing to shoot at us or something's about to go wrong," Letonya says. "They just started shooting...they shot about 4 shots."

Letonya says her son was walking home from E and J Curry Grocery located near Laney Walker Boulevard and 12th Street when the shots rang out.

"In my opinion I don't think he was the target," Letonya says. "I think they was just randomly shooting. It's not worth it. It's not worth it. Imagine if they would have taken his life. How you going to live with yourself knowing you taken someone life? For what? For what?"

Richmond County sheriff's investigators say there are no leads.

"Right now we are trying to conduct an extensive interview with the victim in this case and based on the details he provides us," says Sgt. Richard Roundtree.

Investigators are looking into whether this shooting is connected to other recent violent crimes in the area. For now Sgt. Roundtree says the incident is not related.

"As far as the violence, I hope that people realize if the city is trying to change and trying to make it better for everybody then we all need to come together for the young people coming up," Letonya says.

Investigators said today that no witnesses to the crime have come forward.

Antwon is recovering. His mother says he is up walking and talking, but that hospital staff told her they will keep him for at least four more days.