Only on 12: Civil suit filed against several players in Linda Schrenko case

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Only on 12: The state says taxpayers got ripped off, and they want your money back.

News 12 has learned the attorney general of Georgia is suing Linda Schrenko, two of her former deputy superintendents, and a local businessman, Phil Alexander.

It all relates to a $49,500 check Ms. Schrenko wrote to CallingPost, a Martinez-based company, supposedly to pay for a calling system for the School for the Blind.

Alexander is the owner of CallingPost.

In the lawsuit, filed today in Columbia County, the state alleges the contract with CallingPost was illegal, and the calling system was both unnecessary and undelivered.

This $49,000 payment to CallingPost was part of the $663,000 that Ms. Schrenko spent, and News 12 investigated.

You'll remember Ms. Schrenko and Merle Temple pleaded guilty in a scheme to funnel money to Schrenko's campaign for governor.

News 12 contacted Mr. Alexander today, and he said he didn't know anything about the lawsuit.

Click here for the full text of the suit.