Plenty of mudslinging in Democratic race for Georgia governor

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As the governor's race heats up, we've seen our share of negative campaigning between the candidates.

But does it really work?

Candidates Cathy Cox and Mark Taylor are the top contenders for the Democratic primaries for the governor's race.

In the heated match between Cox and Taylor, they've both used the airwaves to deliver blows.

As the primary drew near, the campaigns became fiercer, the candidates taking off the gloves for a bare knuckled brawl.

On Monday, Cathy Cox's jet touched down at Augusta Regional Airport. Hours later, Mark Taylor arrived at Daniel Field.

Both were in town cheerleading their campaigns one last time with Augusta voters.

"It's going to take a governor like me who really has a history of bringing people together, not playing the games," Cox said. "Georgia voters are sick and tired of the games and the spitefulness of politics."

"The people of Georgia deserve to vote for a candidate for governor that has done something in their career," Taylor said.

Augusta State University political science professor Paul Harris says while voters don't like mud slinging, it does work.