District 121 Democratic Primary a family affair

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In the Democratic race for the State House seat in District 121, incumbent Earnestine Howard faces her stepson Henry "Wayne" Howard.

With two members of the same family vying for the same seat, this is a local race that's getting some big attention.

"It's not something that I'm happy about, but anybody who can qualify to run in this election, it's their right," Earnestine Howard said today.

Georgia's House District 121 seat was left vacant by the late Henry L. Howard last October.

His widow and son both say he would want them to fill that seat.

"I have no doubt that this is what he prepared me for and wanted," Wayne Howard said.

"I know without the shadow of a doubt, this is what he would want for me," said Earnestine Howard.

Both agree economic growth and education are at the top of priorities in the district.

News 12 asked the Howards if the political competition has affected the family.

"Every family has differences, that's nothing different from any family around here," said Wayne. "That doesn't mean you fall out, have fights. That's not what were doing."

"He chose to come in and run against me, the incumbent," said Earnestine. "He felt very compelled to do that, so I just had to say, 'Wayne, what can I say, may the best man win.' And hey, I am the best man."

Earnestine tells us that right now, she and her stepson are not speaking, but they both say that's just temporary, and regardless of who comes out on top tonight, family will come first.

"When it's all said and done, you'll reach back out to each other--and that's what we will do," said Wayne.

The winner of tonight's race will face Republican candidate D.L. Johnson in November.

This race had a lot of potential for drama, but it's been pretty low key so far.

Both candidates have been very positive, not saying much negative about the other.

News 12 was able to speak with some other Howard family members who say this race has put them in a weird position, having to decide between two people they feel are both qualified.

We'll see what happens tonight.