Four Democrats vie for Georgia State House District 122

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Three candidates, including former Richmond County commissioner Richard Colclough, are challenging incumbent Pete Warren for District 122.

It was a day of last minute campaigning to win over the roughly 24,000 registered voters in that territory.

Every vote counts. That's why supporters brave the heat for their candidates.

Most of the candidates say education, healthcare, and economic development are the top what sets them apart?

Incumbent Pete Warren says it's the four years he spent in the House.

"One thing nobody can deny...I've got the relationships in Atlanta to build that team to get something done," he says.

There's another political veteran in the race: former Augusta commissioner Richard Colclough. News 12 contacted Mr. Colclough, but he was not available to meet with us today.

Candidate Hardie Davis, a pastor, ran for county commission in 1995. Since then, he's been involved in local projects and public service.

"Augusta has asked for a change...but change will only happen with new leadership in place," he says. "Strong, vibrant leadership."

Political newcomer Robert DeMello spent years volunteering, getting drugs out of local neighborhoods.

"You need better representation to get things done...and we don't take no for an answer," he says.

Each of the four brings unique ideas to the campaign.

Supporters turned out to let everyone know why their candidate is the best.

There is no Republican candidate in this race, so whoever wins the Democratic primary wins District 122. However, with four in the race, there is the possibility that none of the candidates will get a majority of the votes. That would mean a runoff in three weeks.